Cannabis breakfast recipes to start your day The following list is the full collection of breakfast recipes to turbo charge your morning. Recommended dosage for each dish is based on the expectation that you will eat just one or several. For instance you will probably only eat one breakfast pizza but you may consume several waffle sticks.

  1. crepes (3 variations; fruit filled, curry, and eggs with sausage)
  2. Sticky buns
  3. waffle sandwich
  4. Breakfast pizza
  5. french toast sticks
  6. Grilled donut  sandwichs with cheese & bacon
  7. Bacon egg and cornbread bites
  8. filo wrapped ham and cheese bites
  9. cornbread waffles
  10. Breakfast stuffed mushrooms (steak and eggs with cheese)
  11. Sweet potato hash
  12. Caramel filled donut holes
  13. Bacon Maple Breakfast roll
  14. Bacon egg and cheese cups
  15. Mango waffles
  16. Croissants ( 3 variations; Denver omelette, cream cheese, and bacon and egg)
  17. Breakfast Tortilla rolls
  18. Cinnamon rolls with bacon
  19. Breakfast burritos
  20. Savory Cannabis Bagel sandwich

Order all 20 recipes in the Breakfast Pack of recipe cards just $10 dollars or individually for $1 each.

All Breakfast recipes are free when you purchase a Custom Recipe Box which come with 160 recipe cards.



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