Cannabis Cooking

My first experience with cannabis edibles was, not good. Brownies made with shake, that tasted like chocolate bong water were a huge disappointment. I am pretty sure they were made with Silver Haze and that acrid taste overwhelmed the sweet subtle chocolate flavor that I was expecting from a brownie. In spite of the extremely strong flavor there was very little THC effect. How could that be?  I began to read everything I could find about cooking with cannabis and experimented in my kitchen.  I discovered that there are just a few simple rules that need to be followed. I have listed them below.

. If you are using the herb in its natural state you need to think about the flavor of the             herb and the other ingredients in your recipe. Blue Pearl is great for lemon recipes                 and Exodus Cheese is perfect for cheese dishes that have a grilled flavor. But if you                 want to make spaghetti sauce maybe it is best not to use strawberry cough. Leafly,                 has an app that lists available strains and their flavor profiles as well as THC and CBD           content which dictates potency.

Yes, you can make herb tea. Many people just take some bud and put it water and                     drink it. But it is a huge waste of your cannabis. Cannabanoids are not water soluble               and while a little THC may escape the plant matter and float into the water, most of it           will not.




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