Each recipe has both with sugar/no sugar (substitutions of sucralose or honey) directions. Some recipes rely only on the natural sweetness of the fruit ingredient (example: unsweetened apple sauce) and in some cases I use commercial diet products like Ocean Spray diet cranberry juice, in that case I will note what the product has listed as the sweetener, if any.

Many of the recipes will tempt you to try variations. For a recipe for peach ice cream you might want to substitute strawberry or mango or even watermelon, but this is not always possible. So I will list the best choices for substitution and list some that won’t work. (Watermelon works well in a sorbet but not so much in ice cream.)

  1. Chai tea ice cream
  2. Espresso ice cream
  3. Margarita pops
  4. Shaved ice
  5. Lemon meringue pops
  6. Peaches and cream popsicle
  7. Smoothie cubes
  8. Chocolate chocolate cookies
  9. Lemon cookies
  10. Chocolate waffle cookies
  11. Bunny cookies
  12. Bikini cookies
  13. Chocolate Cake
  14. Caramel cheese cake
  15. Sour cream cake
  16. Flan Flambe
  17. Apple caramel slices
  18. Apple waffle tacos
  19. Plantain lasagne
  20. Apple cinnamon fried crepe
  21. Toffee
  22. Mocha macadamia squares
  23. Caramel coffee flan
  24. Yogurt Banana split
  25. Oreo cookie Brownie
  26. Frozen Peach Yogurt
  27. Lemon ice
  28. Churros
  29. Strawberry cups
  30. Ramekin Pie






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