Pan Gan Ja’s Recipe Boxes

  Pan: as a prefix (Greek) πᾶν, pan, “all”, “of everything”, “involving all members” of a group                                                                                                                                                          Ganja: (Hindi) gā̃jā hemp, the cut tops and leaves of non-fertilized female hemp plants; compare Sanskrit hemp gañjā         

I started thinking about publishing recipe boxes in January 2016. At the time there were several really good cannabis cookbooks available. But today the resources available to cannabis cooks have increased exponentially; infused concentrates, honeys, beverages, sauces, dressing, and condiments have come on the market to make it easier to create truly delicious dishes. In addition, strains of cannabis have been created that actually enhance the flavors of other recipe ingredients such as fruits, chocolate, and savory herbs. Now cannabis infused brownies actually taste like creamy chocolate brownies rather than tasting like bong water cake with chocolate.

In the USA, access to these new infused products and newly created flavorful strains, is very restricted in most states. Nevertheless, everyday, progress is being made as more and more states legalize the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational use and corporations and investors see the profit potential in this new “gold rush” in a budding, billion dollar market. The problem is, as in any new and innovative market, that prices for cannabis products in legal states have skyrocketed, and with taxes added many people find that getting the medication they need is cost prohibitive.

These recipes will show you how to make your own homegrown and homemade THC and CBD rich edibles at a fraction of the cost of products found in most dispensaries. Using techniques such as canning, you can make sauces, dressings, and other condiments and store a year long supply of medication with just a couple of days work. Having cannabis canning parties with friends can also cut the work down to just a few hours and everyone will have all they need for a 6 month supply of delicious edibles.


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